Letherbee  Distillers
Chicago  Illinois  
Letherbee  Distillers
Chicago  Illinois  

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Chicago, IL


Field and Florist


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Field and Florist

Cody Hudson

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We spent Tuesday, July 17th at the Field and Florist farm for the very first harvest of our wormwood to be used in our absinthe.  The 2 year old plants were vigorous and healthy and have been cut and hung to cure while we prepare to distill this next batch.  We’re excited to continue to grow and harvest from these plants every year going forward. 


Absinthe batch 11 will be made with our 100% home-grown wormwood and will be bottled in about 10-12 months after aging for a minimum of 9 months in new, charred American oak barrels.  Look for it summer of 2019.

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