Letherbee  Distillers
Chicago  Illinois  
Letherbee  Distillers
Chicago  Illinois  

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Chicago, IL




Gin Bësk Fernet Absinthe Chicago

Our Story

Rewind to 2007: Brenton Engel is cooking moonshine in his basement. Two years later, his bootlegged “Illinois Joy” would create a cult following outside neighborhood bars and with restaurant cooks across the city. Brenton soon starts bartending (shout out to Lula Cafe) and working heavily with herbs and spices. Incorporating these botanicals into the moonshine operation unlocked ideas for all-natural botanical spirits made in a new way, from a new perspective - free from corporate compromises.


With absolutely zero influence from outside investors or marketers, Letherbee's level of authenticity is second to none. Now distributing across the US, a little in Europe, and a little in Canada, the product family consists of the Original Label Gin, Barrel­-Aged Absinthe, Autumnal & Vernal Gins, Bësk, and Fernet.