Letherbee  Distillers
Chicago  Illinois  
Letherbee  Distillers
Chicago  Illinois  

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Chicago, IL



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2015 Autumnal Out Now!

Cody Hudson

A harvest season celebration of the golden treasures of Vermont's maple syrup and Kentucky's Bourbon, Letherbee's 2015 Autumnal Gin overflows with North American richness.  

For nearly 3 years at the distillery Letherbee has been aging their Original Gin in a used Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrel.  Founder Brent Engel and the gang have decided it's the right time to share this gem with the world.  A restrained addition of this single barrel lends to the Autumnal blend a smack of Bourbon’s complexity while commanding the reigns over the Bourbon's grains.  

Letherbee then throws into the mix an ethereal single-origin wood-fired maple syrup from The Bunker Farm in Vermont.  Bottled by Greenstate Sugaring in Portland, OR, the elegance of this syrup's terrior confidently tiptoes along the gin's coriander and cardamom, granting a warm glowing confection.  House-roasted sugar maple wood chunks camber the Bourbon's bite and the syrup's sweetness as the batch is crowned by the peppery savor of allspice.

Like all of Letherbee's gin, this year's Autumnal is bottled at 96 proof and is in limited supply.